All you need is less.


I lived out of a backpack for the past 7 years.

This is my story…

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I’ve lived in more places than I can remember.

I lived and worked in Shanghai, New York, Berlin, Bangkok, Munich and a few more places, not including the dozens of places I’ve stayed at for just a few days or weeks.

While writing these lines I’m in a small town in Malaysia.

I’ve basically lived out of a backpack for the past seven years. And the longer I’m doing this, the less stuff I need. Right now I carry less than 10 items around with me in a carry on backpack that weighs less than 10kg.

I go wherever I want to go. I currently spend less than $800 a month. Including everything. My most precious possession is a $300 Acer laptop.

I’ve started a clothing company in China, for the Chinese market, which failed miserably.

I’ve launched more than 10 websites, some of them made some money, some of them didn’t. I shut down all of them.

I’ve written ten books (this is my ninth). None of them was a bestseller.

I write a blog where I published more than 900 articles so far. I’ve more than 100,000 monthly readers spread across multiple platforms.

I’m by no means successful. Or rich. But I have more than enough. By all means. I have access to everything I need. And I can buy and afford everything I need.

I’m not a minimalist. Or a digital nomad. Or an entrepreneur. Or a blogger. Or an author.

I’m mostly just trying to be myself. I’m trying to be myself in a world where it gets harder and harder every single day to just be yourself.

It’s not always been easy. As a matter of fact it’s probably been hard more often than it’s been easy.

But every single day of struggle and doubt has been worth it. Being yourself and creating your own life instead of just living a life is always worth the struggle.

This is my story. This is what I’ve learned about life, myself and the world around me.

I’m everywhere and nowhere. And I own nothing and everything…

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Here’s what some readers are saying about the book…

“Hey Yann, I just read your book. And after 15 pages a few tears began running down my face. There’s so much wisdom in these pages. Thanks so much for writing this book!” – Julian C. 

“Such a great read, I will definitely take a page out of this book. I also don’t give a shit anymore.” – Andile M. 

“Your writing is so fluid and I got immersed in your thought provoking and well suited words. I have become a follower of you though I am very aged.” – Vasudan M. 

“F*ck yeah! This is brilliant! Love the style. This definitely got me and did something that could change the way I live.” – Mad U.

Who am I?

Oh, hey there! It’s me, Yann, Yann Girard.zzzz

You might know me from my blog rethinking the now or from Medium where I publish one post a day. Or maybe you’ve read some of my books in the past.

In 2009 I stopped giving a shit and I started living wherever I wanted to and I started doing whatever I wanted to.

I’m everywhere and nowhere. And I own nothing and everything…